Sunday, April 30, 2006

They’re like… family!

, whether they’re , , etc, are a lot like our family or relatives. If we can’t choose our families then we rarely choose a gadget because of the memory card tied with it. It just comes out of nowhere. Look I need a Compact Flash!

Memory cards come to us as part of a package of particular gadget we chose to purchase. People buy electronic products like digital camera or mobile phones for specific features but rarely carefully consider the necessary memory card that comes along with it. The greatest concern will be the features and how the gadget suits their needs. However, as seen from our previous article, memory cards have different read and write performances as well.

When it comes to gadget concerns, memory cards would naturally take a back seat. As they become cheaper as time passes by, the concern on what card to use will be taken for granted all the more. The reason for this is that investment in a particular gadget like a camera phone is so much more significant than an ordinary flash storage card.

Whatever, memory card you have in your gadget, you are family here at Flash Driven.

posted by Henry Marcos at 2:58 PM

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