Friday, June 30, 2006

More U3 Reviews

If you still haven't got a U3 Smart Drive (a USB drive with built-in applications), maybe these review articles maybe of help to you.

Me and the U3

Office To Go: U3 Puts The Desktop On A USB Stick

U3 Newbie Guide

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Places to Buy Flash Memory Market Reports

If you are a businessman or market analyst and would like to learn more about the intricacies of this complicated market, then these publications will be of help to you. Please be reminded that as high-level research products, they do not come cheap and run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here is a list of publications you might want to look into:


Research and Markets

Press Release

Memory in Cellular Handsets

Web Feet Research

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sony Jumps the Gun on Flash Memory

While Windows Vista Laptops aren't here yet and the Samsung Hybrid-Hard-Drive is being marketed initially in South Korea, Sony surprises everybody with the new VAIO based on flash memory instead of a traditional hard disk. This is also no ordinary VAIO laptop since this is actually Sony's first UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC). The tag price is hefty one though worth $1,805.

This seems to be an early (very early) adopter product since others have UMPC products priced below $1000. It is seen as a very high-end product right now and it would be good to wait for a few more months or even years of development for the ordinary person to get this product.

Source: Sony ditches hard disk in latest laptop

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flash Memory Encryption Methods

My fellow Google Answers Researcher, mathtalk, asks in one of his comments if I have already did a post on flash memory encryption. I said not yet but it was a good idea so here it is.

In my web search, I found the Wikipedia article about flash memory having a good discussion about encryption. The article mentions different methods of encryption.

1. Encrypted filesystem - "This prevents an unauthorized person (who has found or stolen the drive) from accessing the data stored on it. The disadvantage of this is that the drive is accessible only in the minority of computers which have the same encryption software..."

2. Software Encryption - TrueCrypt, CryptoBuddy, and Private Disk

3. Biometric Encryption

Source: USB Flash Drive: Security

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Bulletproof Flash Drive

It seems that flash drives are in a fighting mood these days. From US Military secrets to Terrorist finds, Flash drives have been on the war path recently.

Even the concept of USB drive design is reflecting this seemingly odd association. Pretec's i-Disk Bulletproof is what it names says it is. They say it is almost indestructible since even a bullet can't break it. I think such a portable storage system will be of great use to the military and law enforcement people who will need to carry around data. The downside however is that if something goes wrong and such flash drives falls into the wrong hands, military and police security could be compromised which will lead to even bigger problems.

"PRETEC i-Disk BulletProof is constructed with double layers of sealed protective metal, capable of preventing circuit damage from water, fire, and even shielding the heavy impact of a bullet."

Source: Pretec's Almost Indestructible USB Flash Drive

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India's Classified Navy Information Available on Flash Drives

Another example of military operations wherein flash drives have infiltrated the ranks can be seen in this story from India. The ones receiving the information aren't really after the so-called weaponry or military secret stuff but business contracts in the Indian navy. Information is given to a specific company of procurement deals to give the former some headstart.

"According to media sources, Sensitive data on procurement deals and information on air-conditioning plants for ships and submarines was passed to "commercial establishments" from the Indian Navy's war room, an internal probe has revealed."

"Equally worrying, a pen drive with at least 100 downloaded documents was recovered and officials feel more such "information sticks" could have made their way out of the war room."

Source: Evidence of systematic Sensitive data leaked from navy's war room

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

An Assessment of Windows Vista and the Hybrid-Hard Drive

An article from David Morgenstern of the Channel Insider talks about the possible effects of hybrid-hard drives once the Windows Vista comes out. He acknowledges that the effects will likely be more scrutinized in laptops since this is where battery problems are of utmost concern. His take is that the approach of Windows Vista is just to scale down performance when in fact what the market really needs is development in battery technology.

"The currently prevailing antidote to the problem of battery power in notebooks is to throttle back on performance, letting you do more with less. Microsoft's ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive take this approach. But what we want to do with our computers requires more processing power and more often, especially with today's advanced interfaces."

Source: Readers Are Ready for Vista's Flash Speed-Up By David Morgenstern

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Micron Takes Lexar

Finally, one of the biggest deals in the flash memory industry has materialized. The $850 million dollar deal has been approved and now Micron, the surviving company, will become a major player in the flash memory industry at a time when demand is just heating up.

The timing of Micron couldn't have been better as an impending surge of demand for flash memory devices is expected as MP3 players are ordering them at a tremendous pace. As what is reported yesterday, the scene will get hotter with the new iPod being based on high capacity flash memory.

"'We believe Lexar's retail products and channel relationships complements Micron's manufacturing capabilities and allows access to the data card market in addition to the wireless and portable media markets they are already addressing,' wrote Credit Suisse analyst Michael Masdea in a client note."

Source: Micron's Lexar Buy Looks Like A Good Fit

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