Saturday, June 24, 2006

An Assessment of Windows Vista and the Hybrid-Hard Drive

An article from David Morgenstern of the Channel Insider talks about the possible effects of hybrid-hard drives once the Windows Vista comes out. He acknowledges that the effects will likely be more scrutinized in laptops since this is where battery problems are of utmost concern. His take is that the approach of Windows Vista is just to scale down performance when in fact what the market really needs is development in battery technology.

"The currently prevailing antidote to the problem of battery power in notebooks is to throttle back on performance, letting you do more with less. Microsoft's ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive take this approach. But what we want to do with our computers requires more processing power and more often, especially with today's advanced interfaces."

Source: Readers Are Ready for Vista's Flash Speed-Up By David Morgenstern

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