Wednesday, May 24, 2006

70% of the Flash Memory Card and Drive Market in India is Fake

Whenever a new technology comes along, the least thing I think about is that it being faked (We'll that's just me of course). In India the flash memory market is doing well because of the increased sale of gadgets in that rapidly improving country. The problem however is that the market is being taken over by pirated groups by dishing out fake drives or reconditioneed devices.

"However, industry sources rue that the market is very unorganised, with fake and reconditioned products that offer no guarantee accounting for over 70%."

“'Memory cards are an emerging and discordant market in India. Organised players are trying hard to compete with the grey market. We are hedged in by the 25% tax component as well,' said Ajay Mehta, CEO, MCC..."

Source: Digital rush has memory cards going

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