Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Compact Flash Cards Test

We have referenced a test on flash memory cards in the past and it was indeed a great source of information on what types are the best out there.

This new test takes only compact flash card. This is important to people who only have this type since it is the one that came with their digital cameras (people like me). Based on the results, the winners were the Corsair 2GB, the Sandisk 1GB and Sandisk Extreme III (1 GB).

This is only a private test but it is still helpful as well based on the observation by the author.

- Compact Flash cards performance have come a long way. The author can say this since he based the performance of his new cards with old ones. (Really old ones circa 1998)

- Sandisk two Compact Flash brands have almost similar performance according to the test.

Source: Flash Memory Then and Now: How Far Have We Come?

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