Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flash Drive Wish List

1. Built-in anti-virus software - We now have software pre-built in USB flash drives and scrollable LCD screens. We can combine these features to add more security to our data. Providing anti-virus software inside will now be usable since thru the LCD screen, the software can now warn us if we are downloading a virus infected file.

2. DVD Player USB Slots (better yet a flash memory player) - Flash Memory drives and cards now come in much larger storage types so it is possible that we can get our movies by that form. Maybe a slot or player to stick these cards so we can watch movies through them will be a good idea.

3. Publish Games on USB Drives - Some USB drives are now built with MP3s like audio cds. Maybe it would be cool to bring in games and also have the games just run on those massive sized USB drives so as not to hog memory space on the computers. This is similar to those CD-ROMs.

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posted by Henry Marcos at 12:19 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel it is ok I rated for ppl out there are looking best options in the computer world that where some others that find some hard to buy
What cud Help you if You cud Find free down load products that was tested out and still test beforeone uses them I wud try to go on free down loads. exsample anti-vast which are the old versions but newer w/win2000xp/or home windows xp ppl migh come on it quicker with what you got on to improve this maybe I try to find thing that are still being tested from other companies that aretrying out new things from other computer program'ers

6:22 AM  
Blogger Easterangel said...


Your suggestion would be good for publish games and software. In fact as I wrote this there is already an anti-virus software specifically for USB drives because of security concerns.

7:46 AM  

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