Saturday, May 27, 2006

Flash Memory Makes Laptops More Durable

One more implication of the Hybrid Hard Drive is the problem of manufacturers in creating anti-shock protection for the hard disks inside laptops. Unlike desktops, laptops are much more susceptible to sudden physical shocks when they are dropped or bang a corner while being carried around. Since traditional hard drives are constantly spinning, sudden shocks will damage such drives.

Hybrid Hard have less spins because of the flash memory that comes inside which requires no moving parts when storing data.

"While notebook makers have been busy building anti-shock protection into their notebooks to protect spinning disks from the rigours of life on the move, a perfect solution has been waiting for a price point that will completely do away with the need for hard disk drives in notebook computers."

"Samsung says the Solid State Disks (SSD) can withstand about twice the impact that would cripple a regular hard disk drive"

Source: Why Samsung Got Rid Of The Hard Disk

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