Monday, May 29, 2006

The Future of Flash Memory on Mobile Phones

Today, most mobile phones are still going for NOR flash memory in their handsets. However, when memory capacity goes up to more than 512mb, manufacturers prefer NAND Flash. This is because at these levels NAND Flash is deemed a lot cheaper.

However, the article also says that like the Ask-Leo article above, it seems that limitations on how many writes and reads of files you can do on a NAND is one of its biggest technical obstacles.

"Once NOR's capacity exceeds 512MB, taking smart phones with outstanding performance for instance, manufacturers prefer to adopt NAND because NOR has a much higher cost and a relatively big-sized body."

"Concerning stability, there are hidden troubles such as bit-flipping, bad blocks and limited life in NAND. In addition, NAND adopts a non-standard interface and needs software management, which increases the cost of the system."

Source: The Average Capacity of Handset Memory is Expected to Reach 415MB by Q2, 2006

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