Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's Not Science Fiction Anymore (We'll Almost)

Imagine you are carrying a 2GB USB drive in your pocket. You then go to your living room and stick it in a USB port at the front of your DVD Player. You can then watch a Spiderman movie. After about two hours you plug it out and off you go to see a friend at a mall.

On your way out, you remember to scribble a note to your room mate that you will be back by 9pm. So you take out the USB drive again, pulls out the cover at the other end, which reveals a built-in pen, write something on a yellow note and then stick it to the door of the fridge.

While driving your car, you again stick the very same USB drive at a slot this time at your car stereo and listen to your favorite contemporary Christian music. As you go along you may want to listen to a podcast about basketball that you downloaded from the net earlier.

Once in the mall you wait for your friend at a restaurant. While waiting you see that the restaurant is a Wi-Fi hotspot so this time you take out your PDA and use your USB drive which doubles as a wireless connector and you're on the net in no time. You can now open and respond to emails as you wait for your friend and order. When your friend arrives you talk and maybe exchange a few photos stored in your flash drive via wifi.

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posted by Henry Marcos at 5:30 PM

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