Saturday, May 06, 2006

NOR Flash Memory Makers Now Moving to NAND

The trend continues as NAND replaces NOR flash memory as the system of choice in mobile phones. Due to the popularity of NAND flash memory makers, NOR manufacturers are joining the bandwagon. You can read about the difference of NAND and NOR flash memory in this post.

In this article from the EETimes, it mentions that NAND Flash Memory is currently replacing NOR in mobile phones. This initiated the move of NOR manufacturers to now jump into the NAND market. This is now the trend since NAND memory has become cheaper in recent months.

"About 90 million mobile phones manufactured in 2005 incorporated NAND-type flash memory for data storage purposes, representing slightly less than 10 percent of total handset shipments for the year, according to iSuppli Corp. However, by 2010, 650 million phones will employ NAND, representing 60 percent of total unit shipments."

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