Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Samsung Flash Memory-Hard Drive Hybrid Saves Battery Life

It is becoming clear that the Hybird Hard Drive is the future of PC storage. Numerous benefits of this technology includes the following:

- Saves battery life since the drive won't need to spin all the time.
- It will boot-up faster.
- Less prone to break downs.

What is interesting is how this will work and the article cited here explains it in an easy to understand manner.

"A hybrid hard drive is a hard drive that contains a flash memory chip that stores data and applications. Because the processor can retrieve data from flash, the drive — which spins constantly in an ordinary computer — can stay asleep most of the time."

"The flash chips will perform a couple of different functions. When consumers write a word document, the data will go straight to flash. When the flash chips are almost full, the drive will wake up and take the data. Some PC makers will also likely embed media or music players along with other commonly used applications to ensure rapid boot time."

Source: Samsung hybrid hard drive extends laptop battery life.

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