Monday, May 08, 2006

Samsung: We Will Win the Flash Memory War!

Samsung says that a big market consolidation is in the offing which will come as a surprise and will eventually leave the market with only 5 competitors. Samsung also added that among the five, they will come out as the victors.

Samsung plans to accomplish this victory by going to other markets that flash memory hasn't gone to yet. An interesting tidbit was added as well.

"To win the uphill battle, Hwang said Samsung is seeking ways to expand the use of flash chips, and a major sales contract with a global electronics maker will be the result of such efforts this year." ``We have been talking with several companies about it. Though I cannot reveal what exactly the new gadget will be, it won’t be an MP3 player. Instead, we are going `MP3-beyond’,’ he said."

A new gadget? MP3 Beyond?

Source: ‘Flash Industry Faces Shakeup’

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