Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sandisk and Philips Take Flash Memory Security to Mobile Phones

As security concerns plagued the flash memory industry in the past few months maybe it would be nice to look at what manufacturers are doing to curb the problem. One way is with partnering with each other to provide technology that will complement each other's systems.

Sandisk and Philips has a technology called TrustedFlashCards embedded in mobile phones so that they can make secured transactions using the gadget.

"NFC is an easy-to-use, short-range wireless technology that will allow consumers to use their phones as bus or train tickets and perform secure 'contactlessÂ' payments and other contactless transactions by simply waving their phones near a contactless reader in a mass transit turnstile, checkout counters or drive-thru windows."

Source: SanDisk & Philips to Enable Mobile Payment Security

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