Thursday, May 04, 2006

Storage Types Really Matter

The first evidence that I see wherein storage types will be a choice factor in purchasing gadgets is in digital camcorders. This is similar to our recent discussions about flash memory and the eye-fi vision. Unlike mobile phones and digital cameras, you are stuck with the mode of recording or storage that comes with your digital camcorders.

An AP article published at the Post Gazzette illustrates this point as showing a case of what you should look for in digital camcorders. A paragraph on the benefits of flash memory as compared with other storage medium is shown below.

“The transfer is fast and easy, similar to the click-and-drag of computer files and vastly different from the time-consuming process needed for MiniDV camcorders, in which the video must be played back in real-time while being transferred to the PC. Only after that can any editing begin.”

The only problem with this ease of transfer is that, each time you stop the camcorder, you create a new file. You will need to edit it to stitch your videos together.

In these choices, I think the flash memory segment will be a good future investment instead of the built-in hard drives. Though the storage capacity is rather low right now and video quality is jerky, it will improve over time and will be a good replacement for your tapes.

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