Wednesday, May 17, 2006

x4 4-Bit Technology Boosts Flash Memory Cards!

An Israel-based company called M-Systems developed a technology that shrinks flash memory cards, quadruple their strorage capacity and if that is not enough... they will be cheaper to make! Their x4 technology is at the heart of this new flash memory cards and is set to be on the market by 2007.

"Think of a (flash) wafer like a coin,' explained M-Systems Director of Investor Relations Elana Holzman. With SLC NAND, you can put x number of cells on the coin. With MLC, or 2-bit NAND, you can put twice as much information on a coin of the same size, and with the new x4, 4-bit technology, the same coin holds four times as much information, Holzman told United Press International."

"This translates into a 30-percent cost reduction in producing a 1 gigabyte wafer (as compared to an MLC wafer), she said, and the wafer itself will be smaller."

Source: Flash memory gets boost from x4 technology

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