Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flash Memory + Windows Vista = Nightmare?

An article from eWeek mentions some of the possible problems in using flash drives as extra memory for Windows Vista. Lets see them and provide some comments.

"First, about the ReadyBoost thumb drive caching. Let's face it, while the USB port is fine for desktop uses where there's little movement, it's a bit unreliable for mobile applications." - Yes this depends on manufacturer ability on how to make the USB drive fit snugly on the port. This is indeed a question that must be addressed not by Microsoft however but by the PC makers..

"Worse, USB devices stick out from the plane of the enclosure, making them easy to jiggle or dislodge." - Another looming problem but more on the user side of being responsible with his or her gadgets. Whatever gadget we have, care should be practiced whenever we utilize them.

"Microsoft says that the thumb drive can be removed "without any loss of data or negative impact to the system." But that doesn't mean that your notebook won't be locked up for a while figuring out that there's no longer a device attached." - I think this is a very legitimate concern since notebooks are pretty picky when it comes to the presence of devices attached to it.

Overall great article and a lot of things that Windows Vista must answer in the near future.

Source: Is Vista Heading for a Flash Nightmare?

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