Monday, June 12, 2006

How Long Will That Flash Drive Last?

It depends on how one uses it.

Our next article says that flash drives usually lasts 10yrs through ordinary and less frequent use. But if you don't use it much you can actually make its lifespan doubly longer by using it a little bit more. According to Brandon Stevens of Kingston Technology.

"If you don't update or view the files, the electrical charge representing your stored data will disappear after about 10 years..."

"Using the flash drive isn't enough. You must call up, or update, each individual file and the electrical charge will be renewed and you're good for another 10 years..."

Interesting read. For one, it seems that at its present form, flash memory has some quirks on its abilities and these depends on the manner of usage and not just the frequency. Just goes to show that one must not depend on these things for data since nothing is perfect in this world. Maybe a combination of CDs, traditional hard drives and online storage will be more appropriate.

Source: On flash drives, data will last longer if used

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