Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Panasonic's Own SD Card Reader

Panasonic came out a week ago with a new SD Card standard that is basically geared for digital video cameras. Now they are coming out with a memory card reader for it. The reader comes in two forms, one is for USB 2.0 and the other is in PC Card type.

The probable price tag for such a card reader is $43! Now I know that this is a specialized SD Card and the Reader is unique for this product as well but the price is too steep for such a product category. Two things are at work here, it is hard enough to introduce a new standard and now you are making a reader, catered to only one product instead of multiple ones, and pricing it at such a fortune! Unless third-part manufacturers pick on the new SD format of Panasonic and its accompanying reader, then it will be hard to convince people to shell out such big bucks when there are numerous alternatives available out there.

Source: Panasonic intros two new SDHC card readers

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