Friday, June 09, 2006

ReadyBoosting Your Windows Vista with a USB Drive

Once you get your hands on Windows Vista, maybe you would want to try this functionality for ReadyBoost.

In our initial post on how Windows Vista takes advantage of USB drives, I think we did not do justice to discussing its ReadyBoost feature. We only say that its acts like providing more RAM. Actually this has far greater implications. With this functionality, it not only maximizes the USB drive but now it also ups the memory ante for Windows Vista.

This has been tried before and it seems Windows Vista is very serious on this one. This blog from KenLin shows us how to do it if you have the beta version of Windows Vista on your PC. It is actually quite easy to do. The only problem is that if used in this way, you are only allowed one USB device plugged in. Read his blog below.

KenLins Blog

What does this mean to us? I have checked the prices of 1GB RAM and they are in the horizon of $60 to $80. Compare this to a 1GB USB drive which you can buy for $30 to $40. So that cuts the cost in half immediately. Plus you have a wide variety of formats to choose from like SD Cards, Compact Flash and other vareieties of flash memory.

It seems that Microsoft and the Flash Memory Market will be boosting each others industry when Windows Vista comes along.

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