Friday, June 09, 2006

A USB Drive Built for Web Surfing Security

We have known the U3 Smart Drive as a USB device containing built-in portable apps and ready to use with very little tweaking so that even if you are not a geek, you can enjoy portable applications.

Now we have a USB Drive which has a different perspective, it is loaded with portable applications specifically fitted so that you can protect yourself online.

"The Stealth Surfer II is essentially a USB drive with self-contained applications needed for secure web browsing. To use it, you simply plug the drive into any Windows 2000/XP machine and launch the applications on the drive. When using StealthSurfer II, all your sensitive Internet files such as cookies, internet history, and cache are stored on the StealthSurfer USB device instead of your computer. And should you lose the SSII, the device itself is protected by password, so it's useless to anyone else."

Source: StealthSurfer II USB Review

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posted by Henry Marcos at 12:18 AM

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