Monday, June 05, 2006

USB Publishing

booksThis could be another market segment!

We know have USB drives pre-loaded with software, why not entertainment content. I think it would be a good idea for content publishers to start making use of USB drives. 128mb or 256mb drives are pretty cheap by now so material cost wouldn't be much of a problem. Here are some suggestions:

Music - I have seen some artists already publishing on USBs, pre-loaded with their own songs. Maybe they can create those cheap USB MP3 players pre-loaded only with their own songs.

E-Books - Authors who have made lots of books can publish all their creations in e-book forms. The smaller capacity drives can handle them pretty well since these books come only in small file sizes. Textbooks can also be a good product for this since students won't need a bag for all those heavy books.

Movies - With USB Drives coming in 8GB capacities, your movies are inside your pockets. Maybe for this to become a reality, new TVs should have a USB port.

Games - Small-scale game publishers can market their games on USB drives as well. Since they have higher capacities than CD-ROMs, more complicated games can be made.

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posted by Henry Marcos at 4:29 AM

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Anonymous juno said...

i like your blog. Really helpful ha! Di ba Pinoy ka rin? hehe..
Nice blog.

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Blogger Easterangel said...

Thanks Juno!

Yes let's exchange links.

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