Thursday, June 01, 2006

Will Flash Memory Card Readers Go Obsolete?

More than a week ago we mentioned a product by PNY which does away with memory card readers. A similar one is also being marketed by MediaGear called the XtraDrive. Unlike the PNY however, it seems that this one doesn't have a built-in storage but more like a small card reader.

But if we go by this shape, it would be easy for MediaGear to pop in some storage there just like PNY. Instead of having an extra gadget for a card reader, you can just have one. Right now basing on PNY's price, a combo usb storage and reader drive will cost about $30 for only 128MB storage. However if it goes below $10, could this signal the demise of card readers.

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posted by Henry Marcos at 12:03 AM

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