Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Buzz on Eye-Fi

Since yesterday, the new , Eye-Fi, has created such a buzz and for very good reasons.

The Eye-Fi SD Card has Wi-Fi built-in (see overview) thereby providing people a way to get their pictures to other devices like laptops via wireless. containing wi-fi can actually provide major changes in the industry.

a. If the Eye-Fi can be used in other devices aside from digital cameras then it will be a great help for PDAs and mobile phones since it can add storage and provide wireless connectivity at the same time. This means that I can buy low-end PDAs and mobile phones that don'’t have wireless connectivity as long as they can recognize the Eye-Fi.

b. I wrote three days ago that we usually don't choose the type of card that comes with the device. We buy things based on device features, price, etc and not on storage media. But when flash cards like these become popular, people will start thinking of buying gadgets that support these types of storage so as to get wireless features. Just like what we mentioned earlier, since I will be having wi-fi SD cards, I will buy PDAs with low storage and no wi-fi connectivity since they will be cheaper than buying a device built with such features.

posted by Henry Marcos at 12:17 AM

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