Friday, May 26, 2006

Review Round-Up 3

Today we will have links to reviews of products from OCZ, Verbatim and the Iocell's Vaccine Drive. The Vaccine Drive is an interesting concept since it provides a way of safely swapping files between a PC and a USB drive as it scans incoming and outgoing files for viruses.

I thought about this idea in my wish list and it seems to answer that premise. The only thing missing there is the LCD to show which files have viruses but that's no biggie since in this situation, it isn't needed and if they decided to add one, the technology is already present. Iocell makes these products and we hope to have more of them in the next editions of Flash Driven since they do have interesting products.

GCN Lab Review | Virus killer in the palm of your hand
OCZ Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart Flash Drive
Verbatim Store 'n' Go

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