Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Panasonic's SD Cards for Video

Panasonic has recently unveiled an SD Card that is specifically catered to DV Cameras. So this means that may cousin's relatively cheap DV Camera can record better videos on this one. Plus they are very easy to view on the PC after one transfers the video file with a memory card reader.

First of all I like the idea of Panasonic in making even small type storage like 256mb SD Cards. This will be good for people who have older DV camera models that cannot accept SD Cards beyond 512mb. But make no mistake about it, that they have the power users in mind as well since the maximum on these devices go up to 4GB.

One of my very first posts here mentions that we buy flash memory cards only on the basis of what gadget we have. We rarely consider what memory card will come with that device. This product from Panasonic makes us now consider what products are out there that can accept this card.

Source: New SD flash memory card launched by Panasonic

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