Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

fathers-dayWe'll I'm a dad so happy father's day to all the crazy ones like myself! What would be a good gift for dads? If you are thinking if maybe Dad may just need one of those thumb drives, may we suggest a few.

1. A USB drive with about 1GB and up storage - Dad might be carrying around a bunch of powerpoint presentations, photos and even music in a bunch of floppies or CD-ROMs. Give him something small instead like these thumb drives but go for the larger storage ones since files these days are getting larger and before dad knows it, its already filled up.

2. U3 Smart Drive - If dad wants to carry his computer settings around but he isn't a techie, a U3 Smart Drive is the way to go. It synchs his document folders and web favorites by just pressing a button.

3. USB Drive with Security Features - Dad must have very important files stored in his USB drive and PC. Maybe changing it to drives with security software and features will lessen the chances of his data being stolen or just simply getting lost.

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